Ang Prinsipeng Ayaw Maligo (The Prince Who Hated Baths)

This book was written by Rene O. Villanueva and illustrated by Kibby Bongco. The story was originally written in Filipino and then translated into English by Paula Popple and Ramon C. Sunico. The English translation is made available on the inside front and back covers of the book.

The story is about Prinsipe Tsikiting, a prince who is always too busy to take a bath. He is preoccupied with activities like reading, playing, etc. that he always puts off taking a bath. After not taking a bath for some time, of course, you can guess what happened.

This book offers parents a good opportunity to teach their kids about personal hygiene and cleanliness. Much as we may be preoccupied with activities which in themselves may be enjoyable or good, it is still necessary for children to be taught about the good results of bathing regularly.

Have you noticed how younger children when so engrossed with what they are doing, refuse to do anything else? Like not going to the bathroom (even when they need to) while watching a really interesting TV show? This book can be a springboard for teaching our kids the importance of priorities and for making sure that we put first things first.


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