About LasticMoms

The word “elastic” is defined by the dictionary as flexible, accommodating, and buoyant. The word “scholastic,” on the other hand, pertains to schools, scholars, and education. From those two words, come the Lastic in LasticMoms as with this site, we hope to reach out to mothers out there who wish to teach their children and enrich their kids’ minds through Reading.

Are you worried that your kids may be spending too much time with the television, the computer, and electronic games like PlayStation, Xbox, and Gameboy? Drop by LasticMoms and get and share ideas about books that your kids should be reading, reading activities and workshops to go to, and even book sales!

LasticMoms will be focusing on areas like: Books and Reviews, News and Events, as well as Parenting and Education. Together, we mothers hope to build a community of readers online so that we can all guide our children to be better thinkers, excellent speakers and writers, and well-rounded individuals.

Reading adds to our knowledge, enhances our understanding, and takes us to a world which can be entirely different from our own. It is a tool to improve ourselves, build our skills, and to expand our minds.

Knowledge gained is never lost. Let us journey to the world of books together with our families. A great adventure awaits!