Reading Is All About Confidence

Kids vary in terms of how fast they learn how to read. For some, it may be quite automatic, that some parents are surprised when their kids come home from school one day and just start reading by themselves. In some cases, it may take a little more time and effort on the part of the parent, to teach a particular child to read.

Just like all skills, reading is perfected through exposure and practice. For a child to develop an interest in the written word, the child must be exposed to age-appropriate books and must also see other members of the family reading their own books and materials.

If you have a child who may be having a bit of difficulty learning how to read, just be patient. To boost his or her confidence, start with simple reading material. Do not worry that you may not be helping your child by giving him or her material which is too easy. Your child needs to feel confident first and he or she must achieve some measure of success. Some kids do not like the feeling of making mistakes. The more opportunities there are for a child to read a word or a series of words correctly, the more they will be open to try with more difficult words as they go on.

So boost your child’s confidence first by starting him or her of with simple words and/or books. Read together or let your child read independently (as you listen) for 15 to 30 minutes a day. Before you know it, you will see a big improvement in his or her reading skills. Once your child has taken off, there will be no looking back. He or she shall then have entered into the wonderful world of reading.


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