Pass the Book

One of the things that I like about my kids’ schools is how they encourage the children to enjoy reading more. In my son’s school they had what you call a “Pass the Book” project where all kids brought home one book each to read every week. As soon as one was done with the book, he then “passed it on” to the next person and assuming that there are 52 weeks in a year, by the end of the first year, everyone would have already read 52 books.

This is a concept that one can adopt in our families or individual groups (e.g. friends, cousins). You may choose several people to group with and agree on the mechanics. Each individual can then buy a new book and then exchange it later for another one. Everyone will have the chance to read more books than he/she actually bought.


#1 raqgold on 11.17.07 at 4:10 am

wow, this is a great concept. but do they monitor if the kids really read the books? anyway, if the kids do read the books, i am impressed 🙂

From Angel: Yes, it is a great concept. I don’t know if the other kids read their books but my kid did. =)

#2 raqgold on 12.23.07 at 9:17 am

merry christmas!

From Angel: Blessed Christmas to you too! Have a great year ahead.

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