Children’s Miscellany

Does your 10-year old child or tween (no longer a kid but not yet a teen) like trivia? Do you know of kids who like knowing what other people usually don’t know? Then, you might as well get copies of Children’s Miscellany, published by Buster Books. I believe there are three volumes all in all.

We got one volume at the Book Fair at World Trade Center last year. Another volume, we got at Powerbooks in Megamall. We have yet to get the third volume which we shall be on the look-out for.

Though a bit on the expensive side (well, the book is hard-bound), your older kids are sure to enjoy going through these books. You can read a volume fast in one sitting and you are sure to be amused. It’s also the kind of book that you can go back to when you are bored as it’s not likely that you will remember all of the bits and pieces that you have read. Your kids can use the information in this book as “ice breakers” or “conversation topics” when they talk to their friends or meet new people (especially adults!).

What are some samples of the things that you will find in these books? You can find out about the weirdest museums in the world, birds that cannot fly, lifetime averages, how to get rid of hiccups and the like. So, why not grab a copy of these books? Your kids will be happy that you are giving them the chance to learn “useless information that’s essential to know.”


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